Serving God, His People, & The World

NLVB Staff

Senior Pastor

Todd Rawlings

In 1990 Todd Rawlings moved from his hometown in Keyser, West Virginia where he had been a pastor for over six years. With his roots as a Southern Baptist he came to Regent University where he earned a master’s degree in Theology and a master’s degree in Business Management.

With a passion for both the life of a pastor and that in the business world Todd has seen success in both. As an employee of the Hampton Housing Authority he oversaw the training and education programs for that organization. He worked with low-income and homeless indivduals to see them trained and employed. While doing so, he designed programs that led to the renovation of community centers throughout Hampton and Newport News. These programs won national awards and led to him serving as a liaison for Attorney General Mark Early and an advisor to Delegate Jay Katzen.

Todd has over 13 years experience as a pastor. He has been married to his wife Rena for 16 years. They have four beautiful children who are found running and playing with the other children at NLVB on a regular basis. Todd and Rena homeschool their children but enjoy the various ways others have chosen to school their children in the church.

Todd has ministered around the world to various countries including India, China, and England. “I enjoy ministering in various parts of the world and I encourage others to do so. At the same time I am the most content when I am home with my family and friends.”

Volunteer Associate Pastor & Elder

Rob Monti

Although he didn’t recognize it at the time, Rob first received his call to ministry as a boy in Cumberland, MD. But since he was artistically and musically inclined, he chose to attend college at a music conservatory to study bassoon. It was during that time that God used the example of other devoted Christians to open Rob’s eyes to the radical demands of true discipleship. So he chose to lay aside his musical pursuits and prepare for pastoral ministry. Shortly after his conservatory graduation, Rob moved to Virginia Beach, VA to attend seminary at Regent University, where he obtained an M.Div. in 2003.

Rob has a passion for careful and accurate teaching of the Word of God, and a deep interest in Christian thought and apologetics. Some of his favorite authors and speakers include Jack Hayford, Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, C.S. Lewis, and George Eldon Ladd, to name a few.

Rob resides in Virginia Beach with his lovely and gracious wife of 21 years, Christi, and their four children, Robert (13), Mark (9), Faith (8), and Samuel (2). In addition to being a volunteer pastor for New Life, Rob is a freelance web design and development consultant at Monti Design.

Office Manager

Joanna Atkinson