Who We Are

Mission and Values

Our Mission

  • Exalt the Lord
  • Evangelize the Lost
  • Equip the Believer
  • Expand God’s Kingdom

Our Values

Servant Leadership

Our church is a place where there is shared ministry among a team of leaders. While the church should be led by those who have demonstrated godly character and integrity and clearly possess leadership gifts, servant hood is the goal of all leadership and ministry.

Believer Ministry

Our church is a place where servant leaders equip believers to do the work of the ministry resulting in fulfillment and growth, since when believers discover their God-given gifts and then release them for God to use; they will find significance and purpose in life. Christianity should never be a spectator sport.

Relational Evangelism

Our church is a place where the relationships with the unchurched are promoted and valued. Believers should always be alert to the opportunity to communicate the life-changing message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Christian Self-Image

Our Church is a place where believers understand that they cannot earn God’s acceptance, but are freely accepted because of the finished work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the church should never utilize guilt nor legalism to motivate its members, but rather should encourage them to live godly lives purely motivated by their love for God.

Celebrate Worship and Prayer

Our Church is a place where there is a commitment to exuberant and celebrative worship (free but always orderly), to the expression of spiritual gifts (to build up the body and evangelize the lost), and to continual prayer (both intimate and strategic). Worship should never surrender to fanaticism, spiritual gifts should never violate scripture, and expressed joy should never degenerate to infectious excitability.

Biblical Authority

Our Church is a place where the Bible is the authoritative spiritual guide, viewed as the Word of God, and should always take precedence over any church tradition or human opinion. The ministry of God’s Word is the catalyst for transforming an individual’s life and should be given priority in every believer’s personal and corporate life.

Cross-cultural Missions

Our Church is a place where the cause of world evangelism is vigorously and faithfully pursued with a commitment to ministering cross-culturally – especially among the unreached peoples of the world. All believers should be world-class Christians, having a heart to share Christ with cultures other than their own.

Overall Balance

Our Church is a place where balance, authenticity, integrity, and excellence should permeate every area of church life and relationship. Meeting people’s needs should be more important than maintaining programs.

Small Groups

Our Church is a place where small groups of believers are the accepted means of reaching the lost, cultivating relationships, expressing gifts, stimulating spiritual growth, developing leaders, and experiencing life-change. We are committed to the small group as the primary building block of the church.

Genuine Relationships

Our Church is a place where healthy and loving relationships are considered indispensable to spiritual formation and growth. We should relate to each other as a multi-ethnic, multi-culture blend of God’s people whose focus is not on social, economic, racial, or gender distinctions, but rather on the beauty of expressing God through a diverse body of believers.