A Message from the Pastor

About Our Church

Welcome to New Life Virginia Beach online!

I came to this church in August of 2007. It has been a tremendous time. The people here have been warm, friendly, and supportive. The many new folks have quickly become like a family to us.

I understand that in this day and age there are a lot of different churches available to attend. Each has its own unique approach or vision. At NLVB we believe that church should be a major part of each of our lives. Each service should provide hope, encouragement, laughter, and even a word of correction as needed. It should be a place where you know other’s names and they know yours.

But church goes beyond that one exciting meeting each week. The early church was “…devoted to fellowship,” as it says in Acts. They took their fellowship very seriously, and at NLVB, we do too. We regularly meet simply to be with each other. After 2-3 visits to our church, you can be confident that someone will know your name and anticipate your presence.

At NLVB we have a very unique racial mix. We do nothing to cause this to happen other than to simply embrace and care for everyone the same. In our church of 200 people we have Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Filipino, and Chinese. This provides such a sweet warm spirit to all of our services.

Our 3-5 groups provide a way for everyone to be in a group that knows what you are going through. It provides a group that allows each of us to share our needs and concerns. It allows us to be connected to the rest of the congregation and to be able to truly “bear each others burdens”.

I would invite each of you to come and be a part of the what the Holy Spirit is doing here and NLVB. We really have only just begun to see what He is doing with us!

Pastor Todd Rawlings
Senior Pastor