On October 21, 2021, our beloved pastor of 14 years, Todd Rawlings, passed away due to complications from COVID-19.

Through him we were blessed to receive both the love and the admonishment of God and His word, and we will be forever grateful for the ministry of our friend and shepherd, whom we miss to this day.

After taking counsel with trusted leaders, with one another, and with the Holy Spirit, we felt the Lord had paved the way for us to be adopted by another congregation. As of Easter Sunday, 2022, we began calling Grace River Church, pastored by John McCloud, our church home, and we have been blessed by the ministry of God’s grace and the fellowship of His people in that context.

The vineyard of His Kingdom is His and His alone to till and to trim as He sees fit, to His glory. We will always remember Todd and our time together as New Life with fondness and gratitude for the kindness God has shown us. But we are now called to new things — to a new life — in a different part of the vineyard. We embrace what our Father is doing with anticipation.

Please come visit us at Grace River! And may the Lord of comfort, the God who MAKES ALL THINGS NEW, be with you always. Blessings!